2013 Wedding Photography

I always start the year promising to blog more, especially since I only did three wedding blogs last year. Since I’m here, I think I should do a quick blog on just a few of our more recent weddings.

In the years of wedding photography we have never come across two weddings which are similar, we face new exciting challenges every shoot we do. This is what keeps Concept Wedding on its toes and at its best. If we become bored we just wouldn’t do wedding photography anymore, but how can we get bored when we meet different personalities, shoot in different location and face numerous weather conditions all the time.
We recently shot Sarah and James on golf course and driving range ( I like the photo of James instinctively protecting his wedding tackle). We had Andrea and Chris who hired a London bus, which gave some great photo opportunities, of course we had to photograph them snogging on the back of the bus. And we came across our first bride, Ruth, who didn’t mind climbing a tree in her wedding dress and showing us some of her cheer leading poses. In all honesty how could we get bored?















We were on a tight schedule and had 10 minutes to take Ellie and Tom to Parkgate to get shots of them alone. The sun was falling from the sky at a rate of knots and we still had group shots to photograph. Take the easy option, no, not Concept Wedding. We thought we do some contre jour shots, translated it means “into the light”. Shooting into the sun is a technique that would send shivers down the spine of most photographers with such a short time frame. But Ellie and Tom were so easy to work with we knew we could get some stunning images of them and the DB6.


Zoe & Matthew had 5 minutes to spare before the first dance, the moon was out, I had a wireless trigger for off camera flash, an umberella and a fantastic assistant. Add to this imagination and vision and this is what we come up with. Stunning if I may say so myself.

Queen Hotel Chester Wedding Photography

There is now doubt the Queen Hotel Chester is a fantastic location for a wedding. ¬†As a photographer it has other benefits as well as the¬†stunning interiors, it is a stones throw away from Chester Railway Station and 5 minutes from Chester Park. The railway station is a great location for some quirky wedding shots and I know just the tree in Chester Park for some breath taking images , I have even used it to shoot an album cover there. The shot below and many more took less than 45 minutes, you don’t have to give a lot of precious time on your wedding day to get stunning photographs, just take a look.