Ltd Edition Royal Wedding Print

Gary Sheridan has released a ltd edition of 50 11×14 prints of Will’s & Kate’s wedding. The photographic print combines the moment when Will’s and Kate appear from Westminster Abbey for the first time as man and wife with the horseman from the household cavalry symbolically bringing his sword down on their shoulders with a moment of chance when a I Love Will’s & Kate heart balloon floats across the front of the Abbey. Two very rare moments captured by Gary Sheridan and preserved on photographic paper. The retail price of these prints is £150.00 with the price increasing as edition sells. Concept Wedding as you may know is lucky enough to have Gary Sheridan as their Executive Photographer and he has reserved 15 of the 50 prints for Concept Wedding customers, past and present. More good news is that Concept Wedding is offering the prints at massively reduced price of £50.00. A sample of the print is below. Email info@conceptwedding to check availability.