Banksy’s latest work found on the streets of London

Above is what is thought to be Banksy’s latest work which appeared in the early morning on the streets of London. With Banksy’s work usually having a political agenda  it is more than likely raising issues of child labour on the back of the Diamond Jubilee. The mystique surrounding Banksy’s identity was supposedly exposed by the Daily Mail last year. The thought that Banksy was from an under privileged background who grew up on a council estate was crushed, revealing his background was in fact public school, middle class and married to parliamentary lobbyist.

Whilst Banksy’s work always raises interest, there is a stir happening around the streets of Chester. An unknown artist’s work is appearing on the streets of Chester, after much investigation we are still unable to reveal who it is. The work you can see below however does reveal that there is no political agenda, but his/her agenda seems to be what really makes the world a better place to live and that is LOVE. If anyone has any idea who the artist is could you please contact



We were on a tight schedule and had 10 minutes to take Ellie and Tom to Parkgate to get shots of them alone. The sun was falling from the sky at a rate of knots and we still had group shots to photograph. Take the easy option, no, not Concept Wedding. We thought we do some contre jour shots, translated it means “into the light”. Shooting into the sun is a technique that would send shivers down the spine of most photographers with such a short time frame. But Ellie and Tom were so easy to work with we knew we could get some stunning images of them and the DB6.

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

Good news today, I was informed I had been short listed for Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011. Nice title and a nice £10,000 to go with it, here’s hoping. Living the view was the title of the brief. Two of my images short listed certainly show life in the landscape, in fact they could be showing life being created in the landscape.


Concept’s New Sample Album Online

Below is an online version of Concept wedding Photography new portfolio album, but nothing can compare to touch and smell of an Italian leather album.

Concept Wedding New Album Packages


Bronze £990.00
5 hours wedding photography
20x30cm 50 page GraphiStudio leather album
minimum 300 high res images on dvd for you to print and copy
website gallery

Silver £1200.00
6 hours wedding photography
25x35cm 50 page GraphiStudio leather album
minimum 350 high res images on dvd for you to print and copy
website gallery

Gold £1700.00 (£100 off wedding vouchers is also available for this package)
8 hours wedding photography
30x40cm 80 page GraphiStudio leather album
minimum 450 high res images on dvd for you to print and copy
150 6×6 prints in presentation box
website gallery