Zoe & Matthew had 5 minutes to spare before the first dance, the moon was out, I had a wireless trigger for off camera flash, an umberella and a fantastic assistant. Add to this imagination and vision and this is what we come up with. Stunning if I may say so myself.


I have been that busy photographing and editing weddings I just haven’t had the chance to blog. Over the next month I will be able to catch up on the blogging front. I just couldn’t resist this blog. Below is a photograph from Zoe and Matthew’s wedding at Inglewood Manor on the Wirral. I think they thought I was a little Mad when I took them into a run down out building by the tennis courts at Inglewood Manor, especially since Inglewood has so many fantastic spots for photography. I thinkk this shot is going to be one of my favorites for while.

Queen Hotel Chester Wedding Photography

There is now doubt the Queen Hotel Chester is a fantastic location for a wedding.  As a photographer it has other benefits as well as the stunning interiors, it is a stones throw away from Chester Railway Station and 5 minutes from Chester Park. The railway station is a great location for some quirky wedding shots and I know just the tree in Chester Park for some breath taking images , I have even used it to shoot an album cover there. The shot below and many more took less than 45 minutes, you don’t have to give a lot of precious time on your wedding day to get stunning photographs, just take a look.










Portmeirion Wedding Photography

Portmeirion, North Wales, Wedding Photography by Concept Wedding

Portmeirion, the Italian village on the North Wales coast near Porthmadog is a fantastic location for a wedding and the photography. The hotel interior is beautifully designed and finished and the views are exceptional to say the least. Just look at the view outside the Peacock Suite window in the photograph of the flowers. I will remember Carole & Brian’s wedding day for the laughter and stunning location. There are just too many stunning locations and laughter to include in this blog, especially since I wanted to include Carole’s Mum wardrobe malfunction (her shoes) and one of the guests tripping as she arrived.




















Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011

Good news today, I was informed I had been short listed for Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011. Nice title and a nice £10,000 to go with it, here’s hoping. Living the view was the title of the brief. Two of my images short listed certainly show life in the landscape, in fact they could be showing life being created in the landscape.