At Concept Wedding we endeavour to capture the love, the fun, and the sun. I’m afraid we can’t guarantee to capture the latter, not unless you’re getting married outside the UK, but we will do our best.
We take both colour and B/W images deciding which is most suitable to the subject, it’s like Martin Parr meets Cartier Bresson. The colour images are beautifully saturated and the B/W are precisely composed, as are the colour. Our priority is capturing the emotions of the day, we have a keen eye for those special moments, which lesser talent may miss.
Multifaceted talented wedding photographers are hard to find. In the course of a wedding day our photographers serve as “architectural photographer, documenting locations; as portrait photographer, flattering the day’s key players; as product photographer, shooting a closeup of the rings; and as photojournalist, telling a story, under pressure, with pictures.” We try to keep the contrived shots to a minimum, but understand that the group photographs are essential. Interrupting the flow and your enjoyment of the day is not one of our boxes to tick, but taking candid powerful images is. Our photographers are multiple award winning and internationally acclaimed for their imagery, from fashion through to art. And above all friendly and a pleasure to work with. Concept Wedding Photography is based in Chester and North Wales, although we often travels throughout the UK.